Ceo Message

The Journey Continues
My dear colleagues.
Asalam o alaikum and welcome to the Lowitt Lowitt strives to be the organization valued for the contribution it makes towards the commercial development of the nation. The objective of Lowitt Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd. is clearly focused towards being the most progressive pharmaceutical company in the country. Lowitt is strengthened by experienced professionals and aggressive management team having multinational experience, supported by talented sales personnel who are both qualified and experienced in the areas of ethical promotion, retail selling & tender business. In order to reach amongst the top ten national pharmaceuticals in Pakistan, we must realize the fact that we must do our best in order to survive. Mediocrity may help us sustain our position but will never let us advance. Extraordinary performers don't just live in the past and revel in their past accomplishments but instead they search for newer methods and are eager to look towards the future and find newer avenues for growth. There is no simple recipe to ensure success. If lasting progress is to be achieved, it has to be achieved through tremendous hard work and effort. Each individual of our team has a role to play, as we believe that by focusing on the strength of each individual we will be able to draw collective benefit from all our strengths and that is how the vision of making our company grow and grow will automatically turn into reality. Lowitt is committed to provide new molecules & dosage forms to facilitate treatment of resistant and difficult ailments of human beings. Lowitt posses key facilities such as in-house training, attractive emoluments, excellent environment and equal opportunities for better future for the sales personnel. Lowitt's marketing efforts are focused into delivering innovative & genuine products. It has developed an effective distribution network throughout the country ensuring availability of the premium quality products throughout Pakistan. Lowitt maintains three months stock at all times with two months stock in warehouse and one month stock in transit. The image, goodwill and reputation built by the organization over its long history in pharmaceutical market of Pakistan have demonstrated a feeling of reliability in the minds of the public as a manufacturer of quality pharmaceutical products.