Our Vision


OUR VISION enhancing value for Employees year after year by facilitating the building of new knowlege, new skills,new relationships & new wealth our belife No matter where you work, you are not an employee. You are in a business with one employer -YOURSELF-in competition with millions of similar businesses world-wide nobody owes you a career-you own it as a sole proprietor. And the key to survival is to learn to add more value every day.


We strive to maintain excellence in our business practices with the objective to benefit the medical community, consumers, stakeholders and employees, and to improve quality of life by providing quality products.


Make a significant difference in the lives of our employees Open every possible avenue for personal contribution Build institutions around people have fun .


The management has set the following objectives. These are the hallmark of our journey towards a healthier Nation;
1. Excel in meeting customer needs.
2. Maintain leadership in nation pharmaceutical industry.
3. Gain confidence of Doctors, Pharmacists and consumers who use our products.
4. Seek employee involvement, continuous Improvement and enhanced performance goals.
5. Enhance export business.